Spouse of CPDM chairman of the Douala city board and a noticeable individual from the organization posted his N00d photograph via web-based networking media after she supposedly got him in an inn with one of his numerous courtesans. The leader declined to leave since the Nood photograph turned into a web sensation via web-based networking media.

As per Cameroon Intelligence Report, the man had a long and effective session in an inn with one of his numerous courtesans when his significant other, said to be a distributer raged the room and took photographs of him.

"Web clients are pondering about the distributer's enthusiasm for discharging on the web a photo of a man she calls her better half. Many have addressed if is a shakedown that turned out badly or an endeavor to undermine the picture of the appointee leader? "This marvel is expanding in Cameroon regardless of another corrective code voted into law that recommends extreme discipline on assaults on security utilizing the web-based social networking"


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